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Urban Renewal

Revitalising urban spaces

We're passionate about improving our urban environment.  By empowering communities to develop individual skills and organisational techniques, we can empower them to make changes for today and tomorrow.

Moira Street Pocket Park was a derelict and abandoned space, plagued by antisocial behaviour.  We empowered the local community to take ownership of this space and to make it a safe space for all members of the community.  The Good Grace Foundation in partnership with Graceworks and the city council supported the regeneration of the park into a highly accessible pocket park.

Community group benefits from regeneration.

Building partnerships that produce outcomes

The Diabetes Self - Help Group are a community group based in Belgrave, Leicester.  They have taken over the Moira Street Pocket Park and are using the space to improve the physical, social and emotional well being of their members. 

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